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Welcome to Havoc, UK brand & reputable supplier of premium martial arts / boxing equipment.

Over the years Havoc has proven to grow from strength to strength. Our range has proven popular since its introduction in late 2006 & its use by well renowned UK professional fighters. Our range is still the desired choice of gear for UK amateur, semi professional & professional fighters.

We cater for all our current / potential customers who may practice various styles of martial arts. Our online store makes it easy for you to choose & purchase your items. Not only do we offer online retail supply, but we also offer trade account holders the opportunity to grow with us by offering our range to gyms, clubs, fight teams, retail fight stores & online retailers. So if you are looking for a wholesale boxing gloves, mixed martial arts gloves, sparring gloves, or other martial arts equipment supplier then you are at the right place! You can apply online now in a few simple steps to become an approved stockist.

Used By Professional MMA & Boxing Fighters

We have worked tirelessly with the professionals to provide you with a quality, comfortable, durable – but yet affordable martial arts equipment & gloves range. Our fight gear is used by many professionals and by the likes of '9 Times UFC Veteran' Paul 'Relentless' Taylor and his top rated fighters gym Team Kaobon – West Midlands. We not only are able to confidently provide you with a fight gear range that is desirable in its looks but are able to ensure that your equipment fits better then any of our main stream market competitors.

With a full strong hold on our manufacturing operations – we know how to design and manufacture a premium leather mixed martial arts gloves & leather boxing gloves range that offers value for money.

Specialists In The Contact Sports Industry

We offer a unique design range of contact sports gear – in both high grade premium leather as well as non leather durable PU material to serve the boxing sector. Our heavy duty hard wearing muay thai gloves have served well and proved to be a popular choice for UK muay thai fighters.

Our links with the MMA industry have allowed us to supply a top quality range of martial arts equipment. We provide Semi pro 7oz MMA gloves (also called bumper MMA or MMA sparring gloves) in both leather and non leather materials. For the pros we have a specialist 4oz pro leather MMA gloves range for use in MMA fighters tournaments.

We also supply top of the range fitness gear to take your training regime to the next level. We specialise in quality kids fight gloves, children boxing head guards (boxing head guards with full face/head protection) & clothing.

Our trusted product range makes places for us amongst the top names in providing martial arts gear for sports clubs and martial arts lovers across the UK & Europe – hence our slogan 'Wear It Or Fear It!'

Our range of gear caters for a wide range of martial arts styles / disciplines, offered in a wide range styles, sizes, colours – for men, women and children.

Our Brand Range

The Havoc range offers its own unique range of gear – with the range 'Wreak Havoc', 'Slicer' & its most desired unique range 'MOFO'.

Our brand range has been incorporated through highly innovative designs and available on a clothing range. Such a clothing range that consists of MMA rash guards, MMA grappling shorts, MMA walk out T Shirts & Boxing Clothing. Our MMA rash guards & MMA grappling shorts range have proven highly popular for general MMA training as well as for professional MMA competition use. The blend of high quality materials offers a unique moisture wick away technology. The use of specially balanced materials offer a stretchable and durability range, making our MMA rash guards & MMA grappling shorts a desirable high demand UK range.

Final Words

If you're a martial arts competitor, teacher in martial arts or take up any of the contact sports for personal fitness / self defence as a passionate enthusiast – then explore our range.

For retailers looking for a trusted fight gear supplier for wholesale boxing gloves, boxing hand wraps, boxing head guards, MMA apparel, leather MMA gloves or leather boxing gloves – then look no further! You are at the right place.

We offer Gym/Club discounts on our equipment range and can offer bulk economy packs on your essentials such as boxing hand wraps (both adult & children boxing hand wraps), gum shields / mouth guards (single or double gum shields / mouth guards) – offering you substantial savings. Join team Havoc today to reap the benefits of our discount scheme now.

Choose Havoc and win with us today!

Thank you for visiting us – if you need any help then don't hesitate to contact us.