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BioArmour Antimicrobial Laundry Additive

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  • Overlays Your Gear/Kit;
  • Intercepts & Grasps Microbes;
  • Kills Upto 99.99% Bacteria;
  • Eliminates Nasty Odours;
  • Helps Prevent Cross infections;
  • Easy To Use;
  • Works At Low Temperatures;
  • Safe To Use - UK Lab Tested;
  • Prolongs The Life Of Your Gear
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    Product Description


    BioArmour Antimicrobial Laundry Additive - Kills 99.99% Bacteria and Eliminates Nasty Odours

    UK's first and only reputable piece of technology that actually does what it says it will do. Introduced into the market by '9 Times UFC Veteran' Paul 'Relentless' Taylor.

    Got new kit?? Then treat it to stop it from smelling & prevent bacteria growth.
    Got old kit that stinks?? Then don't worry treat it to stop smelling & remove 99.99% of bacteria now!

    BioArmour laundry additive - removes smells and bacteria at low temperatures - keeps your Gi's, Rashguards, MMA Shorts and other kit clean, healthy and longer lasting.

    BioArmour provides antimicrobial protection for your clothing, towels, footwear & equipment – from the time you apply it, until you next wash it!

    BioArmour utilises Silver Ion Technology - proven to be effective in removing harmful bacteria and odours safely and effectively.

    BioArmour inhibits the growth of bacteria on clothing in 3 different ways.

    Simple To Use - Simply Add Into Your Rinse/Fabric Conditioner Compartment

    Fragrance Free
    50ml per sachet
    4 Sachets Provided (approx 1-2 months use - depending on training frequency)


    How does BioArmour work?
    BioArmour inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria, in 3 ways. Silver Ions bind to the cell surface, disrupting the cell wall and preventing cell growth. Silver Ions target cell enzymes preventing energy production. Silver Ions prevent DNA replication and new cell formation.

    How often do i use it?
    BioArmour is used in conjunction with your regular washing detergent. Simply add the recommended amount to the rinse additive or fabric conditioner compartment. Regular use will help build up the garments protection against bacteria and odours caused by bacteria.
    BioArmour is not a replacement for detergent: it will not
    remove dirt or stains.

    Can i wash my clothing at lower temperatures with BioArmour?
    Yes: BioArmour does not rely on high temperatures to inhibit the growth of bacteria. Through regular use the bacteria that can be trapped within the weave will be inhibited. The use of BioArmour at any temperature will leave an active layer of 24/7 protection.

    What fabrics can i treat?
    BioArmour can be applied to all fiber types both synthetic and natural, and to most forms of textile. Not suitable for wool or woolen blends.

    Is BioArmour safe next to my skin?
    Yes: BioArmour does not interfere with the skins natural fauna and is perfectly safe..

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